I am no longer doing cars for mechnic work or sales

NASCAR 2016- JDMotorsports @ TMS

Dallas Car Sharks

Third Gen Automotive as seen on "Dallas Car Sharks"

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As seen on the t.v. show"DALLAS CAR SHARKS' on the velocity channel

We guarantee effective, aggressive funny episode's. Filming 3rd season now new coming out soon.

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Third Generation Car Dealer and mechanic J.D. started the biz to honor his family and legacy.

The auto industry has changed over the years and decades and we strive to be true to the old ways lets make it friendly and safe and affordable for all to enjoy the luxury of transportation of any kind .
We want you to be able to like what you ride in. Not a have to do it type mind set.
Here we take the attitude of everyone can be friends or family ,long term not short term relationships .

J.D. and his company Third Gen Automotive is one of the stars on "DALLAS CAR SHARKS" on the velocity channel.

We have a full service mechanic shop and a classic car resurrection service

and also sell cars and truck.

We Have the stuff you want sensible, affordable ,Hat's and Shirt's.

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